09.-18.06 - 2017

25.MAY - 03.JUNE - 2018

Welcome to the eTourEurope - 09. - 18. JUNE - 2017
  • eTourEurope proves the performance of state of the arte Electric Vehicles (EV‘s)
  • eTourEurope creates awareness for the need for expansion of fast charging infrastructure
  • eTourEurope – the stage for European eMobility
eTourEurope an outstanding EV Tour
  • EV Tour with the longest distance in Europe – 3.900 km
  • EV Tour with the a daily distance – 430 km
  • High media coverage and increased political awareness created through events in European capitals
80edays - around the worls in electric cars
closes the north american stage

THE 80EDAYS AROUND-THE-WORLD ELECTRIC VEHICLE RALLY CLOSES THE NORTH AMERICAN STAGE 9 teams left Los Angeles, California USA for China to initiate the Asian Part of the Challenge Weiterlesen...

And the winner is...
eTourEurope: long-distance eMOBILity now well-established and well-received in Europe
15 teams from 9 different countries complete 3,900 km tour. The 3rd eTourEurope demonstrates enthusiasm for eMOBILity

eTourEurope stands for eMOBILity across nations and boarders. After 9 days on the road and an impressive 3,900 km all 15 participating teams arrived safely at the final destination in Anif-Niederalm Weiterlesen...